Maciej Nikiforuk

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I am student of the Silesian University at the faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science. The topics connected with technology have always fascinated me and I knew very early that I wanted to pursue a career that involves computers and circuits. As I progressed through school I got interested in computers, especially in programming languages. I started learning them because I wanted to better understand how computer applications work and write my own programs. I started from simple apps like calculators to more complex ones like games, or Android applications. It was just the beginning. I was admiring all technology and I enjoyed dealing with computer issues. When my friends or family had problems, I solved them. At some point in my life I understood that IT knowledge which I learned in my IT school wasn't sufficient. I realized that if I wanted to be more familiar with computers and networks, I had to understand objective and generic programming. I became aware that if I wanted to be good in solving complex problems I must understand algorithms and each electronic component which allows the computer to work. This is why I decided to study Electronics and Telecommunications at the Silesian University. In my free time I read books about programming and write applications. I also build circuits and repair devices because i know that practical way of learning electronics is very important too. So I can say that I build simple circuits based on operational amplifiers, transistors and 555 timers.

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Web developer

Building Ruby on Rails application for managing customers licenses. Work in scrum methodology


Web Developer - apprenticeship

Zagozda sp.z.o.o

Developing and improving Taskbeat website application.


Web Developer - apprenticeship

Sileman Sp. z.o.o and Elsat Sp. z.o.o

Developing and improving software which imports EPG data and displays TV programs on Sileman’s websites



Silesian University of technology

In progress...
Electronics and Telecommunications


Szczecińskie Collegium Informatyczne

Matura(A Level) and Certificate in IT

Graduated with distinction



Programming Languages & Tools
  • Scrum Development
  • Designing in FPGA digital locker (co-operating). University project


Apart from work, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I like jogging and walking around city, listening my favourite music.

When forced indoors, I read books about electronics and meet my friends.

Awards & Certifications

  • C/C++ certificate
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